Editing Photos Using SoftOrbits Photo Editor Software:

If you're a photographer, and a good one, you realize that photography is an art that none of us, even the veteran folks can completely perfect. Many are times photos would feature unwanted objects, scratches, and spots. Photo editing is an area mostly left for professionals, who use expensive tools like Photoshop. While photo editing requires a keener eye for detail and talent, SoftOrbits lends itself to being an easy to use and the one of the best photo editor software for everyone.

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Just like many other photo editor software, SoftOrbits is firstly an object remover program. It would allow you to get rid of unwanted elements. Simply select the object you want to remove and SoftOrbits algorithm will work on removing it.
The second way SoftOrbits refines your photos is through the removal of scratches and spots. You can use either spot remover or scratch remover functionality to easily remove spots and scratches, mainly by painting over them. Just select a brush, paint over the spot or scratch you dislike.

Let me explain how it works: Ever written on your forearm with an ink pen and then try to rub it away? Basically, you're trying to clear the ink off your skin, right? That's the analogy a photo retoucher uses to deal with scratches and spots. Although the process is more technical beyond that, that's the best layman's way of describing it.
Moreover, you can remove a photo background easily with SoftOrbits Photo Editor software. Whether you handling one or multiple images, guide the remover by marking the objects you want to keep with a green marker or the ones to get rid of with a red marker. Then click to implement your action, and background will be removed from all the images. With this technology, you can protect your images or text with an optional watermark.

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Last thing, SoftOrbits photo edit software allows you to fix brightness, saturation, contrast, crop, rotate, flip, etc. You still can apply effects to your photos such as felt-tip pen, light brown, low contrast and many more.

SoftOrbits Photo Editor

SoftOrbits Photo Editor will tidy up your pictures by helping you select and remove unwanted objects, enhance photos automatically or under your supervision, sharpen up the details, leveling horizon and framing the picture just right.