Remove watermark, people and date stamps from your photos

Remove people, buildings, date stamps, watermarks, wires, and any unwanted objects that appear on photographs with watermark remover.

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How to Remove Watermark from a Photo the Easy Way

So how do you remove a watermark from a photo? You can do this by using Photo Stamp Remover:
watermark button

watermark button
  1. 1

    1. Upload the Photo

    You need to click on the "Add File(s)" button and choose the photos that you want to remove the watermark from.

  2. 2

    2. The watermark to be removed must be highlighted

    Use the marker to highlight the watermark that you want to remove. Keep in mind that you can make a selection by choosing smaller areas.

  3. 3

    3. Click the Remove Watermark button

    Click the Remove button to process the image and remove watermark you’ve highlighted.

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Unveiling the Best and Most Reliable Watermark Remover 2020

If we use a watermark remover, then not only date stamps, watermarks, captured photo-bombs and other undesired objects can be erased, we can also work on other imperfections to make the photos look natural and perfect.
Not every shot captivates the eyes and the heart. Some photos contain unwanted people, watermarks, and dates, so sometimes we need to search for convenient and effective ways of getting rid of those marks. In times like these, we’ve got you covered!

A reliable watermark remover can get rid of unwanted elements in your pictures quickly and easily, so everything will look nothing less than perfect.

How Watermark Remover Makes Your Photos Look Perfect

No one wants to keep photos with unnecessary objects on them, but there are inevitable times when shots aren’t captured perfectly. If you still need those photos, you don’t have to worry. We are here to make your pictures look perfect by removing the following objects:

How to Remove Date Stamps

When a camera places a date stamp on a photo, this usually means trouble. Some users are clueless on how to turn this feature off while, there are those who love the idea of date stamps. Printing and sharing the image, date stamps turn out to be a nuisance.

We remove date stamps quickly and easily. We can make your photos look professional and clean by removing the unwanted date and time. Other options can make this process expensive and time-consuming. Photo Stamp Remover is proven to be a better way. We can certainly make date stamp removal simple and quick.

Watermark removal tool
retouche retouche 2

We Are Known for Rejuvenating Old Photos

Many individuals have hundreds or even more photos that they want to keep for the rest of their lives, most of these images just sit in albums accumulating dirt and getting scratches. Good thing is that Photo Stamp Remover is available. You may scan old shots with it to eliminate cracks, dust spots, and scratches.

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Unwanted Objects/Artifacts

Getting an adventure or a vacation photo with no photobombs is quite challenging, particularly if you are taking pictures at famous and crowded landmarks and places of attractions. You will end up editing out the unwanted photo-bombs yourself manually later. We can do the hard work for you. We can edit out the unwanted people, objects and artifacts from your photos. Program was designed to eliminate all the unwanted elements. You can take your pictures to the next level by editing them and making them look a lot more polished.
Watermark removal
Watermark removal

Retouch more than one photo

Unlike other software to remove watermark that can’t work on photos in batch mode, Photo Stamp Remover does all the work of removing date stamps, people, wires, cars and other unwanted objects from images automatically.

Remove Watermark From your Photos

Watermarks are the identifying marks added to photos typically after creation. They can be digitally-added texts, images or signatures, names, and time stamps. Watermark Remover can remove watermark from your images easily. Specialized in this type of image correction it has an automatic process of elimination and restoration of a particular part of the photo. We do the process by ensuring that the defects can be rectified and the entire image looks natural. This process often takes long hours, but now it can be done in a snap easily.

Watermark removal tool

How to Choose the Best Watermark Remover?

There are countless choices when it comes to software available out there, but to ensure premium quality results, you have to be careful. How do you choose the best photo stamp remover?

Get to Know the Features

Remember that the best watermark removing solution can erase stamps and watermarks effortlessly and precisely. It must have tech support available and offer users a simple interface. The features of the program also define if this tool is worth investing in.

To make the best choice, check out for the following important features that come with the program:

  • Reliable tech support
  • Compatibility with different styles and formats of images
  • Straightforward features and functions
  • Easy and effective drag and drop functions and related options
  • Good zooming in and out of pictures and more

Easy to get started - Watermark Remover free trial

You can try SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover in action FOR FREE. Download a 30-day fully-functional trial today to restore or clean up your photos automatically.

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Why Choose Us?

There are numerous choices available, but we will give you the following solid reasons to choose us:

We Have an Intuitive and Simple Watermark Remover

The interface of our watermark remover isn’t complicated. Users will find it simple to use for removing objects from your images. You can be sure of satisfying results. You will find peace of mind upon seeing your shots more polished, clean, and beautiful than before.

Watermark Remover is Compatible with Different Photo Formats

The program works fully with common types or formats of photos including RAW and PSD. The editing process is easy yet effective and takes just a few minutes.

No Need for Large and Great Photo Editors

Program is aimed at casual and everyday camera owners who want to remove watermark, stamps, and other artifacts without purchasing the great and feature-rich editors only to get stuck with massive manuals in the very beginning.

Quality Always

We deliver what’s been promised. By using Photo Stamp Remover you can get photos that are completely free from useless objects. Even the process and interface are simple, our watermark remover allows us to deliver high-quality work at all times.

We are extra careful in eliminating watermarks and ensure that nothing is ever left behind. Remember that there are photos that still have noticeable traces and artifacts even after being edited. We don’t do that.

A Reliable Tool Overall

Watermark Remover fulfills what it promises to do. It is capable of making polished and stunning photographs that look captured by professional photographers. Your photos will be envied by your family and friends.

Now is the best time to download and try the program. It will clean up and restore your prized photos automatically.

Easy to get started - Watermark Remover free trial

You can try SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover in action FOR FREE. Download a 30-day fully-functional trial today to restore or clean up your photos automatically.

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This pertains to identifying the image, or it can be a pattern seen in different darkness and shades when viewed through transmitted light resulting from density and thickness variations on papers. Watermarks are commonly used on currency, certain government documents, and postage stamps to discourage forging or counterfeiting.
Watermarks can be patterns, logos, or texts that are imposed to another image intentionally. The main purpose is to actually make it hard for the original image to be used or copied without consent.
To remove watermark in Photoshop:
  1. Select the Clone Stamp Tool (you may press S key)
  2. Hold the Alt key and click the area near the watermark to select the area to clone
  3. Drag cursor over watermark to clone selected area
The alternate way is to use Conent aware filling. Just select the watermark using any selection tool then click Del key and chose content aware as filling type.
You can use any Online Watermark Remover - just google to find any of them.
If you like the watermarked photo, you must check the owner's website License or Terms of Use to see if that photo allows this type of usage. If the owner's website does not have an online permission or if you have not purchased permission to use this artwork, we do not recommend to use it, even if it is for personal use only. If a photographer took the photo, then you are definitely need to ask his permission to use it.
Sure, you can use our SoftWare to Remove Watermark From Video. It will automatically process your videos to detect and remove many types of watermark. The video watermark remover will successfully clean up your videos from any types of watermarks (channel logo, subtitles, etc).
Yes, we are knowledgeable and fully equipped to remove watermarks and other unwanted marks from photos or even from documents. We have faced plenty of instances where we needed to remove watermarks, and we have completed this task in no time with guaranteed precision and excellent results.

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  • Christopher Burke says...

    Congratulations on a really lovely piece of software. It does exactly what it says on the box, it does it well and in a way that's supremely simple to use and understand and the results are far better than any I've had with Photoshop.

    Without wanting to sound in any way patronising - and I've not tried any of your other products yet - but watermark remover online tool truly well done. Impressive!

    Yours respectfully, Chris.

  • Sean McGill says...

    The program is working fine!

    It is great! I just used it to take the time stamp off of 250 photos I too

  • Denise G. Jackson says...

    I love your program because some setting was on my pictures when my family and I were on vacation in Hawaii. When I got home to upload all my memories of our family trip, the photo date was on all my gorgeous photos. It was stamped on the front of my pictures.

    I was devastated!! My husband felt bad that he didn't know the setting was like that and he googled and found your program.

    I am slowly fixing the pictures. Thank you for making it so easy to fix them!

  • Dan Mayer says...

    The first was a learning experience and I left remnants of a copyright I was removing for the test. Once I became familiar with the Photo Stamp Remover, it was as easy as circling the date or title or logo on the photo and clicking preview to see that it was perfect and then start. I did not encounter any overwrite problems because I designated a different output folder. Overall, I give the Photo Stamp Remover a 10. I got 4 out of 4 perfect results on different tasks, effortlessly without a problem or disappointment. I'm sure there will be photos that will not work, but for those that do it is fast, easy and visually perfect. Less than a 5 minute learning curve.

    Thanks Softorbits for a Photo Stamp Remover I will use often and that will save me a lot of time and work over Photoshop!

  • Ken Dildts says...

    That is the Photo Stamp Remover I would need if I were still needing it. (I shut off the date stamp feature in my camera). Now I can clean up some of my old photos that still have the bright yellow date stamps on them.

    I've passed the info along to several friends that I know are in to photo editing. And thanks a MILLION !!!

  • Marshall J says...

    This product (with the ability to specify the stamp color) does the best job of removing photo stamps than any I have tried (how to get rid of watermarks). It would be nice if you could select both the stamp color and the replacement color, since it does tend to replace at a much darker shade than was desirable for certain sections of this particular project.

  • Mara says...

    Wow! I clicked on the home page for this program and watched the demo and kept thinking this simply had to be 'too good to be true'.

    But nope! It downloaded/installed/registered water marker remover easily and even better, it actually works and works well!

    Thank you so, so much for this great tool.

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    will this remove watermarks from proof photos that have been scanned

    • Admin: Yes, but make sure that is legal.
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    Photo Stamp Remover fulfills what it promises to do not like other softwares that sugar coat things. It worth the try

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    With this remover there really is no need for those huge photo editors. That helps save on a lot of system resources which is a very welcome thin.

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    Stamp remover is just what I need to make all my photos perfect. Many thanks for making this available to us :)

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    Hi, sounds interesting. Is there any type of refund guarantee on this. I'm thinking it will work, but if I have any problems would I be able to get a refund?

    • Admin: Any user is able to check program’s functions before purchasing. The unregistered version has no functional limitations and only final result is protected.
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    • Admin:

      Just push "Buy Now" button.

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