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Remove background your photos, cut and paste objects with ease! Photo Background Burner features automatic background detection with batch processing, smart object selection and smooth edges.

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Remove busy background from digital pictures, cut and paste objects with ease! Photo Background Remover features automatic background detection with batch processing, smart object selection and smooth edges to ensure the object blends with its new background seamlessly.

Photo Background Burner Software 2020

Jagged edges are a thing of the past with Photo Background Remover. Objects such as faces, people or photographed goods will be carefully selected, and their edges automatically smoothed to blend with the new background. Whether you paste that object into a new image or leave it on plain white, solid-color, textured or white background, the object will look natural and its edges won't appear pixelated.

Automatic Background Removal

Photo Background Remover is smart enough to tell what's background and what's the main object, so there won't be any need to circle your object with a pen. You can simply click anywhere in the picture to tell whether that object is something to keep or something to clear.

Manual Adjustments

Fully automatic background removal is great, but what if that picture has more than object to keep? You can guide Photo Background Remover to tell what's what. Simply mark objects you're keeping with a green marker, or mark areas to remove with a red one, and Photo Background Remover will apply its smart selection techniques to remove just the unwanted parts of the image.

Move Objects Around

Background remover software

Are you making a photo collage? With Photo Background Remover you can easily move objects between images. Thanks to the tool's smart masking technique, the objects you place will blend seamlessly with the new background with no jagged edges and no residual colors.

Batch Operation

Have a bunch of photos to process? Automatic Background Remover is the only tool on the market to offer fully automated background removal for a bunch of pictures. In batch mode, picture background remover will automatically detect the main object, carefully select it and either clear the background or fill it with a solid color. White Background Remover is perfect when stocking up your online store or processing a bunch of pictures for badges or ID cards.

Optional Watermarking

Photo Background Remover can protect your work with an optional watermark. With watermarking enabled, you can place a custom image or text over your images with adjustable opacity.

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  • David Mureithi says...

    First of all, those shoes look excellent. I would go for the tool 100%.

  • Janine Bocateja says...

    I'm having fun using this tool. It has a lot of features and makes the background remover great.

  • Юрий says...

    Хороший файл, все работает отлично.

  • Юрий says...


  • Mery Castle says...

    I like the new technologies that are presented with respect to photography to help us perfect our photos, the interesting thing is that you can change the background, that's what interests me most.

  • laura says...

    This is the good software for removing background unwanted stuff, now I can get rid of those background things at ease.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele says...

    I love this for the fully automatic background removal which is great. Thanks for this helpful post.

  • TJxoxo says...

    This is a clever tool. perfect for catalogs! I wish there's an automated feature.

  • Meldred Judith says...

    This is such a great software. I can't wait to use it myself.

  • Prince says...

    Wow, tried this software January during my project submission. Really helpful and hope you guys can try it out.

  • Wilson Jake says...

    Wow this is cool but can I replace the removed background with any suitable one? Like is there a library of cool background to replace with??

  • Mark says...

    Its easy to Remove busy background from digital pictures, cut and paste objects with ease! Photo Background Remover features automatic background detection with batch processing. This is awesome

  • Angelo says...

    This is what I ever wanted. Now I can remove the background of the photos I edit easily.

  • Danielle M says...

    Great tool, I've been wondering for a while how people who doesn't manage photoshop can remove the backgounds from pictures. I'm glad that there's a program who facilitates the process.

  • Miracle says...

    I hope this can recognize colors well, so that it can remove the background perfectly. Nonetheless, it's worth to try.

  • Kdorito says...

    Imagine how you can edit photos easily with this app. I will surely download this.

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