How to Recover Corrupted Photos

Such a shame that your photos have been corrupted! It may have been that you damaged the storage or it somehow ran into an error of unknown origin. It can be anything but the problem of recovering corrupted images becomes real and has to be dealt with. What can you do to handle it quickly and painlessly? How to recover corrupted photos? One of the good solutions to the problem is going to specialized agency that will recover the photos for you. But, this can prove time-consuming and tiresome, not to mention expensive. You can go for another option which is sort or DIY, it’s using a program for solving the problem, for example, Picture Doctor. This software was designed as a tool for recovering corrupted photos and can be used on any computer that runs on Windows.

Recover corrupted photos

Here’s how to recover corrupted photos, it’s actually very simple. You just add files, select the output folder and then click Rescue. This will start the process of restoring the photos and you’ll be able to see the results quickly. There’s no preview, however, you just head over to the output folder and check there. If the files are recovered, they will be there in one piece.

Recover corrupted photos

You should be aware, however, that not all files can be recovered. Sometimes it happens that the files are too damaged and the information is lost forever, overwritten, then Picture Doctor won’t be much of a use to recover corrupted images. The program has a trial period and you can check if your files are recoverable anyway, before purchasing.

Recover corrupted photos

Picture Doctor

Your digital photos are damaged?
Picture Doctor will help you to restore corrupted and truncated Jpeg and Psd files!