Enhance Your Favorite Digital Photos With SoftObits Sketch Drawer!

● Introduction

Thanks to the advances in smartphone and computer technology, it is very easy for us to take digital photos. They allow us to capture valuable moments, emotions and scenes. Through digital photos, we can preserve memories and cherish them for years. Did you know that you can take this to a higher level? You can actually turn your digital photos into pencil art by sketching pictures using a special software that is known as SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer. Read on to discover more about it.

Sketch pictures

• Discover how to turn your digital photos into pencil art

The SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer software can help you to enhance digital photos and begin sketching pictures that are identical! The software can accept various types of digital photo files. It also provides you with a user friendly dashboard. It contains a collection of buttons and sliders that you can utilize to sketch pictures from your digital photos. By using this software, you can add layer upon layer of pencil strokes. In doing so, you can change your regular digital photos into unique sketched pictures!

• No special skills required

You can utilize this software even if you do not have any special training. It is easy to use if you want to sketch pictures thanks to the intuitive controls. There are digital sliders which help you to pick various types of pencils. You can even determine various pencil thicknesses so as to achieve the effect which you want. Furthermore, colored pencils and watercolours are also at your disposal for changing pictures to sketches. This program gives you the freedom to express yourself to your best ability.

Sketching pictures

● Conclusion

A great characteristic of SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer is that the program has a small file size. Despite its amazing capability to sketch pictures, it does not take up much of your computer’s resources. Simply download SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer and install it in your computer today to experience your digital photos in a brand new way!

Sketch Drawer

Photo to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your digital photos into works of art!