Art from photo
Art from photographs

Photo to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your digital photos into works of art!

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Three Basic Elements in Creating Art From Photo

Making art from photo requires both perspective and technique. It needs perspective and technique in a sense that you need to add depth, distance, and realism in your photos.

All these elements are visual cue that help you make art from photographs. Your mind is essentially visual and you can use it to create, interpret, and transform images from two-dimensional to three-dimensional photos.

In hindsight, you should put your perspective and technique in a linear form from which your objects and elements work in a position where they work together as a one good artistic photograph.

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However, aside from these two, it is also important to have the right tool to make the best art from photograph. To give you a deeper meaning of this idea, this article will show you the three most basic things that make a good artistic photograph.

The Three Basic Elements that make an Artistic Photograph

Your perspective refers on how you see your photos. It refers to your artistic skill that embodies the whole soul of your photograph. Before taking your photo shoot, you should already know your approach on your photograph. Your shot on the photo is your perspective—you vast artistic arsenal. It refers on how you compose your photo, its inner elements, and it is doing what you like when capturing a photo.


Technique, on the other hand, is something that is learned and acquired. It refers to right lighting and control of your camera. This even more essential if you are using high-edge cameras such as an SLR. Your technique helps you gain control over your perspective. Is your ISO in the correct setting? Are using the right light? Are you shooting in the right angle?


The last thing to take note of is the tool. What type of software do you need to use to transform your photos? The tool comes in last because it is the most basic type of equipment needed to transform your work of art into a real art. Different types of software such as the Sketch Drawer can help you turn your photos into art by converting them into drawings. It serves as a good tool not just to edit your photos, but also to transform it into a completely new perspective of art.

Having these three elements—perspective, technique, and tool—work as one body. To make them all work to together, make sure to compose yourself and envision what you exactly want from your photograph.

Sketch Drawer

Sketch DrawerPhoto to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your digital photos into works of art!

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