Removing date stamp from digital photos

Digital cameras have the function that enables you to add the date and time stamps to the photos. Sometimes you may forget to disable it and your will see the annoying date stamps printed over your photos.
This article shows how to remove this stamps easily using a Photo Stamp Remover. Here are basic steps that allow you to remove the stamp from all of your photos in a batch mode.

  1. Use the Add Files button to add all your photos with a date stamp into the program. add files
  2. Now let�s select the stamp area to remove. The date stamp has the same color for all of your photos, so it will be an easy to locate and remove it using the Select Color tool. Select this tool from the toolbar.
  3. Enlarge the image and scroll to the stamp area.
  4. Click at the stamp to select it�s color. On the Select Color right bar you need to enable the Specify stamp color checkbox. Now the select area is highlighted with the read. select stamp color
  5. But our date stamp has the black border that will not be removed. To fix this use the Dilate options. Set it to 8 pixels. Now the black border is also marked for removing. add balck border to selection
  6. Now you are ready to remove the stamp from all of your photos. Go to the Batch Mode using a toolbar button. Select the Destination Folder. Then select the Object Removing Method (you may keep the Quick, the Accurate is quite slower but produces better result). And that is all! Just click the Start button and you will get your date stamp removed from all of your pictures. batch mode