Windows 10 - Spyware? Safe Way to Protect Your Data

There is so much that Windows, especially Windows 10, can do to interfere with your privacy. It is quite disturbing thinking someone else can access your Windows information without your consent or at least notifying you first. Even though this used to be done by Windows 10 only, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are not better since Microsoft can now access your PC with the new updates. To ensure full privacy and protection of your data SoftOrbits has come up with a solution. This Windows antispyware software protects your data from any cyber threat attacking.

Windows spyware removal

What can Windows 10 spyware access on your PC

It is not very surprising that Microsoft can access from your computer if you don’t stop them. The worst part is that there is no disable option or a warning for most of these things. Some of them include listening from the microphone, accessing the webcam, anything you type with an inbuilt keylogger, calendar and call logs, some bits of emails escrow keys for BitLocker and much more data.
What makes it even worse is the fact that in the future Windows 10 will be able to disable any software it views as unfit or unlicensed.

Windows spyware removal

Features of Privacy Protector by SoftOrbits

There are a number of ways Windows antispyware does in order to ensure you are completely protected. Basically, anything you feel is interfering with your privacy; the Windows antispyware tool will disable them completely.
Some of these features include: disabling Keylogger, Windows Defender, Windows Updates, Telemetry and Cortana microphone recordings. It also enables the user to disable Bing search, uninstall OneDrive, uninstall built-in applications, block 60+ it addresses involved in tracking activities.

Windows spyware removal

It never feels safe knowing someone can access your data and do who knows what with it. You have the power to stop all this with Windows antispyware. You can get the antispyware Windows 8 version too.

Privacy Protector for Windows 10

Privacy Protector for Windows 10 helps you gain full control over what Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and Windows 7 are allowed to know about you, restricting the amount of collected information, blocking the system from tracking your activities and sending tracking and keylogger data to Microsoft.