SoftOrbits Photo Editing Software

If you are looking for a photo editing software that makes things easy for you and allows you to straighten out the various imperfections in your photos, SoftOrbits photo editing software is here to offer you that solution. It is easy to use with impressive results that promise to satisfy you.

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Removing objects

With SoftOrbits photos editing software, all you need is a mere click of the button to get rid of any unwanted distractions from your photos. It has features like Smart Mask, Smart Background, and Smart Select that make it possible to remove unexpected photobombs, shadows, power poles, or any other things that may spoil your snapshot.

Fine-tuning your photos

SoftOrbits ensures that you end up with the perfect photos; the kind that would impress a seasoned professional photographer. Under your supervision, it will help to enhance images, sharpen details, level the horizon, or frame the picture just as you want to. Alternatively, it can perform all these activities automatically. It is fast and easy to learn, ensuring that you produce the ideal shots with ease.

Photography editing software

This photo editing software comes with a fully fitted toolbox with ample photo editing tools that will instantly correct any minor flaws. It will take care of anything from the brightness and contrast, red-eye effect, white balance, flip, rotate, to picture frames so that you end up with the ideal photo composition.

Sharing and publishing photos

If you are struggling with blurry and overly compressed photos popping up on your timeline, SoftOrbits photography editing software will handle this for you permanently! It will assist you to select all the relevant compression, sharpening, and resolution settings to come up with files that are ready for the web.

Managing your photo collection

SoftOrbits photo editing software further comes with a convenient file manager that will go through your whole photo album and pick out any duplicates that need to be deleted. This is something you’ll achieve will just a couple of clicks.

SoftOrbits Photo Editor

SoftOrbits Photo Editor will tidy up your pictures by helping you select and remove unwanted objects, enhance photos automatically or under your supervision, sharpen up the details, leveling horizon and framing the picture just right.