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Watermark Editor for Windows 7 by SoftOrbits

Batch Picture Protector is a watermark tool for the dummies who want to protect their digital images and other graphics by adding professionally made watermarks that are made of text, illustrations or a combination of both... The software is a watermark editor for Windows 7/8 OS... The program is capable of adding images one at a time or by batch... The following are the major image formats recognized by the tool: gif, jpg, png... Tif, ico, psd, tga, psd, wmf and pcx are also supported... After adding your images, you can then add your designed watermarks... You also have the option to delete and edit them...

How to Make a Watermark for Photos.

There are some watermarks with a built-in watermark file manager which can be used for multiple functions... The other advantage associated with photo watermarks that are created using the batch picture protector software is the fact that they can be saved for future use... The command line script is normally used to automatically apply a saved watermark on new photos and images... The software can be used to create multiple watermarks with both logo and copyright images...

How to Watermark Photos with Softorbits Tool

How do I watermark photos?.. It is just as easy to watermark multiple photos at once because you can load all of the photos you want to watermark and process them as one batch... Batch processing is a real time saver when adding a watermark to tens, hundreds or even more photos at once... Simply load your photo into the program and then type the text to be used as a watermark or just add a logo as the watermark... The software will allow you to adjust the transparency, rotation and position of the watermark in just a few clicks... You can usefully save your created watermarks and load them again for another project...

How Do I Watermark My Photos? SoftOrbits

Batch Picture Protector by SoftOrbit is a unique software to watermark photos easily... With Batch Picture Protector, banner makers, artists and designers can be able to watermark their original photos to protect it from people who would want to use their photos without asking for their permission first... For someone who would ask "how do I watermark my photos?.. " this software is the best tool to watermark your photos permanently...

Software to Add Watermarks to Photos.

Well, what is watermarking anyway?.. On a traditional note, watermarks varied depending on the thickness or density of papers, which can be seen only under specific light conditions... Digital watermarking, however, is what Batch Picture Protector by SoftOrbits is all about... It is a software devised to digitally watermark photos with logos or texts as a way of providing copyrights to the owner... Simply put, to add watermark with this software makes an excellent means to secure your photos from anyone who seeks to use them without acquiring your permission... Many web surfers do not really care about copyrights and ownership of certain items...



Watermark Photos with Batch Picture Protector. Digital Watermarking Software.

Transparent watermarks with fully customizable text and graphicsWatermarking photos using recursive file processingEasy-to-use and user-friendlyAutomatic watermark positioningWatermark images with an adjustable transparency settingWatermark text inclusive of macros (current date, time, file name, etc)Versatility allowing load/save of several watermarksCommand line support... Works with all major image formatsWindows Vista/7 compliant Watermark Photos with Batch Picture Protector... Digital Watermarking Software... By using the program, digital photos can be effectively protected from unauthorized use... This photo watermark software places permanent watermarks that cannot be removed... Batch Picture Protector is compatible with all major image formats... After you add watermark to photos, they can be saved as a new file either in the same format or an alternative format... You can save your favorite watermarks into the watermark library and reuse them whenever required or apply them to your photos automatically using command line script... You can also create wide customizable multiple watermarks of any complexity...

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Video Watermark Maker. Video Watermark Software Free Download.

Video Watermark Maker... Video Watermark Software Free Download... Protect Your Videos with a Digital Watermark... Watermark Protection and Branding for Your Videos Made Easy... Add Disappearing Watermarks... Brand Your YouTube Videos... Picture and Text Watermarks... Powerful Batch Processing... Fixed Size Watermarks Regardless of Resolution... Video streams may come from a variety of sources... Full HD, 720p or VGA-sized videos optimized for mobile devices - Video Watermark Maker serves them all with a single watermark...

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Remove Watermark from PDF

Remove Watermark from PDF Improved Reading Experience... Save Ink and Toner... Batch Watermark Removal... Lossless PDF Watermark Removal... Embed Your Own Watermarks... Free Evaluation Download... In addition to removing watermarks from PDF files, PDF Logo Remover can help you embed your own images, logos and watermarks into PDF documents... Watermark PDF files with ease!.. Simply select the document, specify watermark image, and choose its appearance in PDF Logo Remover - and the tool will do the rest automatically... Try to remove watermark from PDF for free!.. Download the free evaluation version and see how PDF Logo Remover can improve your reading and printing experience in just minutes...

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