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How to Edit Icons

In order to generate icons for different OS go to Image menu and select Image Size item... There you will see a list of sizes required for each operating system... Check the ones you need for Windows, Android and iOS, and the program will immediately generate all selected variations... You can edit or delete icons of unneeded sizes after they are generated... All of them are placed into different frames of your work sheet... Using these tools you are free to edit icons in all possible ways...

How to Delete Watermark.

Looking for a tool to delete watermark from photo?.. SoftOrbits has a perfect solution for you!.. Photo Stamp Remover is a professional watermark eraser that is very easy to use and that yields perfect results... Whatever it is: a logo or a watermark, delete it in just a couple of seconds without much effort...

How to delete watermark in PDF

Saves you ink: some of the documents are needed in hardcopy instead of softcopy... Watermarks and logos on a document mean more ink to print them... When these watermarks are removed you get to save a lot of ink, reducing the overall cost of printing... You can get the free download and get access to all the features for a trial period to see the value of what it can do...

How to recover deleted photos - SoftOrbits

When you delete a file from a disc or a card, the content of the files are not deleted immediately... Only the reference of the content is deleted and it cannot be accessed anymore... The space which is used by this file is marked as available for any new content to be written... Till the time the content is not overwritten there is a possibility of data recovery... However in case the file contents are overwritten then it is impossible to recover the data... Data recovery software are necessary to recover your deleted files as all the deleted references need to be rebuild before you can save your data back...

How to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

Did you accidentally delete the most important file from your memory card?.. To make it even worse, it’s the file that you will need in a few seconds for, say, a presentation... Or, what if your photos have been deleted by your importunate younger brother or sister?.. Are you going to lock yourself in your room and wait for the world to end?..



SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download

SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download Create Icons for Windows, Android and iOS Applications... Comprehensive Icon Editing... Stunning Special Effects... Automatic Icon Generation... Animated Icons and Cursors... Convert Images to Icons... Automatic Icon Creation in Batch Mode... Import Icon Libraries from ICL, DLL and EXE... No two platforms are the same... Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and many other platforms use icons developed to their very own specifications... Did you know about 32-bit, 256x256 pixel icons in PNG format used throughout Windows 7 and 8?..

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Simple Photo Editor free download

Scan through your photo collection, and you'll likely see a host of pictures that are so close to each other they aren't worth keeping... SoftOrbits Photo Editor is equipped with a convenient file manager allowing you to navigate through your entire photo collection and delete duplicates in just a few clicks... SoftOrbits Photo Editor is equipped with a fully featured toolbox of photo editing tools... With these easy tools, you can automatically fix small imperfections and correct the red eye effect, control brightness and contrast, adjust white balance, as well as frame, rotate, flip and frame pictures to achieve the best composition... How many times have you seen a blurred, overly compressed photo appear on your timeline?.. You can wave them goodbye with this simple photo editor!.. The tool can help you make your photo Web-ready by carefully choosing all the right resolution, sharpening and compression settings to produce files that look better on the Web than anything you've seen from your friends...

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Photo Encyption Software | Home page of SoftOrbits Photo Album

SoftOrbits Photo Album is a photo encyption software you can take on the go... It's perfect for loving couples or teens who want to keep their photos on the computer in secret... The application includes a built-in image viewer and slideshow capabilities... The photos are stored in a single executable file, which is protected by strong 256-bit encryption and password access... The file is portable... You can easily move it from one computer to another, or take it with you on one of those USB flash drives and carry protected photo albums in your pocket... Below is a short overview of some of the benefits and features of SoftOrbits Photo Album... You fear your computer savvy child can discover intimate photos on your computer?.. Most any parents have secret files - photos and video - they view when they have a little fun together... And nothing is more embarrassing than a teenage kid uncovering these files and learning what's going on between the sheets... With our SoftOrbits Photo Album, you can hide the digital evidences of your bedroom life and leave your kid completely clueless...

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