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Robust Image Watermarking Software by SoftOrbits

Watermarks can even contain your copyrights,logo image or even your website... It also supports every image format... This robust image watermarking tool can also save your best and favorite watermarks into the watermark library and use them whenever you want or apply your photos right away with usage of command line script... Also, it can create big customized multiple watermarks as complicated as user wants... It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7... Batch Picture Protector is very powerful and easy for usage batch image watermarking software... It's really useful and affordable tool, mostly directed for artists, designers and banner makers to protect their artwork from stealing and adds copyright to your images and artworks...

Best Software Watermarking Images

The technology of watermarking digital images is applied broadly to majority of the electronic information services, where the protection of security, data, and the rights of intellectual rights are needed... The digital video water marking can be easily gained by the application of still image technology to every film frame or by the usage of dedicated methods... The digital watermarking is quite helpful to setup the controlled audio distribution in addition to provide an efficient way to for copyright protection... The number of applications for the technologies of digital watermarking is increasing day by day...

Software for Watermarking Photos by SoftOrbits

The easiest solution to that problem would be to use software for watermarking photos on your picture... That way, even if you share it with people online, they won't be able to use it without making fools of themselves... If there's your name on the photo, it will be hard for them to claim it's theirs... Watermarking a photo also helps with tracing the origin of the picture - for example if you put a watermark with your site's URL on the picture, people will come looking for similar images on your website... But let's step up to the more important part - how do you watermark a picture?.. Surely, there must be software to do it, but how exactly is that done?.. Is it complicated?..

Best Digital Watermarking Software Download.

Explore its tool options and settings to customize that much needed watermark for your images... Besides complying with the Windows Vista and 7 operating systems, it is fully equipped with graphics and texts to suit your every watermarking need... With its wide option of settings, adjust the transparency according to the preferred clarity and visibility of your watermark on the image... The user friendly digital watermarking software also comes with a very useful feature called automatic watermark positioning and eventually save all your available watermarks on your watermark library...

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Are you a designer, banner maker, or an artist?.. Are you involved in publishing images on the internet?.. Watermarking software protects image copyright... Safeguard your artwork and images by adding watermarks to them... In order to achieve this professionally, use the right watermarking software... The query hence raised is how to make watermarks... Are you intending to protect image copyright?..



Watermark Photos with Batch Picture Protector. Digital Watermarking Software.

Transparent watermarks with fully customizable text and graphicsWatermarking photos using recursive file processing Easy-to-use and user-friendly Automatic watermark positioning Watermark images with an adjustable transparency setting Watermark text inclusive of macros (current date, time, file name, etc) Versatility allowing load/save of several watermarks Command line support... Works with all major image formats Windows Vista/7 compliant Watermark Photos with Batch Picture Protector... Digital Watermarking Software... This watermarking software is particularly useful to designers, artists and banner makers who send artwork proofs to customers for evaluation... Those who publish images on internet web galleries can also watermark and protect image copyright using this software... Batch Picture Protector protects your digital images and artwork by adding professional transparent watermarks that combine text, illustrations and graphics... When used in conjunction with your favorite image editing software, a watermark can even contain your copyright, website url or logo image... Batch Picture Protector is the best way to add watermarks to your photos and achieve faster and simpler image protection...

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SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover free download

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover free download No Jagged Edges... Automatic Background Removal... Manual Adjustments... Move Objects Around... Batch Operation... Optional Watermarking... Photo Background Remover can protect your work with an optional watermark... With watermarking enabled, you can place a custom image or text over your images with adjustable opacity... Are you making a photo collage?.. With Photo Background Remover you can easily move objects between images... Thanks to the tool's smart masking technique, the objects you place will blend seamlessly with the new background with no jagged edges and no residual colors...

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SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture Resizer offers a simple, friendly user interface and delivers extremely fast operation... The tool helps you quickly finish batch jobs of fitting the images into desired dimensions for sharing, publishing or uploading to your Facebook or Flickr account... In a word, this tool makes image resizing, conversion and watermarking of multiple files a matter of just a few mouse clicks... Process multiple images in just a few clicksResize pictures in batch modeAdd text, logotypes and image watermarksConvert images between multiple formatsGUI and command line are availableAutomatically rotate JPEG images based on EXIF informationLossless image rotation, flipping and mirroring for JPEG filesPreserves EXIF tagsChanges canvas sizeSupports RAW images (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, RAW, DNG, MNG, etc... )Batch image renaming Prompt-free overwrite or saving into new filesAutomatic level adjustment and color optimization Greyscale conversionSupports Windows 7 and 8, Explorer menu itegrationCompression rate and DPI change for output files SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer Picture Resizer... No special knowledge required... All image formats... High quality... Batch Picture Resizer supports all major image formats including JPEG, BMP, RAW, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, and a wealth of others... Employing high-quality interpolation algorithms, it can reduce or enlarge images with stunning quality... Speaking about quality, you can adjust levels and colors or convert pictures to grayscale...

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