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How Do I Reduce the Size of a Picture?

But with Batch Picture Resizer software, you can now easily process your images and make it all fit for any of your needs, either you want it reduced or be expanded in size -- you can do as you like... Batch Picture Resizer operates in full auto mode that allows you to reduce the resolution of a picture and make it perfect enough for web uploading and sharing... Publishing your fabulous images on Facebook and Twitter is nothing but a piece of cake now, you no longer have to worry about slower internet connection which makes it even harder to get those large image files be uploaded... Reduced image files are much easier to put on the web, in just a matter of seconds you will have it there on your social networking site... How do I reduce the size of a picture?.. How do I reduce the size of a picture?..

How To Reduce Picture File Size in Windows 7, 8?

Softorbits brought you this easy to learn and use image resizing software – the Batch Picture Resizer... Now you can easily resize those image files of yours and get it all uploaded on the web in no time!.. Batch Picture Resizer, is an image resizing software that operates in full auto mode... It presents a number of key features, such as resizing your images into desirable dimensions, converting the photos in any image formats that you want, embed watermarks and logos – all of these can be accomplished without losing the good quality of the pictures... This image resizer tool is versatile software that can run on various operating systems...

Image Resolution Converter Software by SoftOrbits

More importantly, Batch Picture Resizer is one image converter that can effectively convert pictures in high resolution format... This simply means that this particular high resolution image converter software has the capacity to transform images in very clear and distinct form... In this regard, the Batch Picture has got to be one highly-effective image converter, a distinction it shares with not that many software of similar designs... In decades past, images and pictures are usually limited only to photo albums and newspapers... However, with the emergence of the Internet and many other technological advancements, images have become an integral part of everyday communication, especially with the outside world...

Reduce Jpg File Size - SoftOrbits

One of the highly recommended jpg file reducer products that are available for download is Batch Picture Resizer... As the name implies this software can help speed things up when resizing photos or jpg files for your blogs or emails... It comes in really handy in situations where you only have limited time to produce or publish or send an email... Since we are already on the subject of resizing images there are also one or two hidden benefits to doing so... When you reduce size of jpg you ensure that you’re email or blog post won’t take that long to load up... It’s because the computer and the Internet won’t have to gather so much bytes just to complete the photo on the screen...

Jpg Size Reducer Software by Softorbits.

Images come in various file formats and JPEG is among the most widely used... JPEG or JPG files are compressed images that are much preferred for web uses... However, there are still instances that JPEG images come in a file size too large for email attachment or web sharing... So here is a JPG size reducer for an easier adjustment of your images sizes... Softorbits brings you the easiest to learn Batch Picture Resizer software...



Video Watermark Maker. Video Watermark Software Free Download.

Video Watermark Maker... Video Watermark Software Free Download... Protect Your Videos with a Digital Watermark... Watermark Protection and Branding for Your Videos Made Easy... Add Disappearing Watermarks... Brand Your YouTube Videos... Picture and Text Watermarks... Powerful Batch Processing... Fixed Size Watermarks Regardless of Resolution... Processing a bunch of images in various formats and resolutions?.. Not a problem if you're using Video Watermark Maker!..

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SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download

Already have a high-resolution picture and just need to make icons?.. SoftOrbits Icon Maker will automatically produce icons in all sizes and formats required by the target system based on a single master image... Start with the largest size, and SoftOrbits Icon Maker will automatically downsample the master image to produce all the required icons for your selected platform in just a few clicks... With SoftOrbits Icon Maker you won't have to draw each individual icon size... Instead, you can use a large master image, automatically producing smaller versions of that image for the platform of your choice... Moreover, SoftOrbits Icon Maker is well aware of the different file formats required for the different platforms... As an example, Windows 7 makes use of the PNG format for high-resolution icons while still employing the older ICO format for smaller sizes... SoftOrbits Icon Maker will automatically produce images using the correct combination of resolution and file format... Create, modify and generate application icons with SoftOrbits Icon Maker!.. Offering everything you need to design, edit and convert small graphics, SoftOrbits Icon Maker is a must-have tool for any application developer... Even if you can't draw, the tool will help you produce great looking icons out of any picture, automatically applying effects to create icons with normal, highlighted, active and disabled look...

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Easy Photo Unblur - Fix Blurred Photos in Just a Click.

Fixes misfocused shotsCorrects motion blurFixes photos blurred because of camera shakeOffers miniature and Iris blur effectsBatch mode helps fixing a bunch of images in one goBuilt-in photo adjustment with brightness, contrast, color temperature and gamma controlsTools for cropping, rotating and resizing pictures Easy Photo Unblur - Fix Blurred Photos in Just a Click... Fix Focus Errors in Just a Click... Fix Camera Handshake... Reduce Motion Blur... Advanced Blur Manager... Batch Blur Reduction... You timed it right and captured that unique moment… only to find out later that the shot is misfocused... Nothing is more painful than throwing away a unique photo because of a slight focus error... A missed opportunity?.. Not if you use Easy Photo Unblur!.. Missed the focus?..

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