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Enlarge Pictures without Losing Quality to Poster Size.

The steps are so fast and easy – first you will just have to open the image with Batch Picture Resizer software... Adjust the size of the image according to your desired dimensions, then start the processing... With just few clicks on your mouse, you can enlarge pics right away... Batch Picture Resizer also offers other services which you will surely find useful such as converting your photos to preferred image format and embedding watermarks and logos for copyright protection... Enlarging process can be done on a single photo or multiple of images at a time...

Damaged Micro SD Card Data Recovery Software - Free Download.

The second cause is actual physical damage to your micro sd card...  Damaged micro sd card recovery is more difficult to execute but still possible for Flash Drive Recovery... There are two main ways your Micro SD Card can fail, both of which can be more than handled by Flash Drive Recovery... One common cause of failure is the corruption of your micro sd card which is usually the result of an unwanted virus or the disruption of transferring data...  Corrupted micro sd recovery is something any recovery program should have but Flash Drive Recovery excels in...

Memory Stick Recovery Software by SoftOrbits

Thanks to memory stick file recovery utility, you can now continue shooting more photos or record videos without worrying about data loss... It is also important to use your memory stick carefully to avoid any damage to your data... A memory stick is a convenient way to store vital data anytime and anywhere... In case you encounter issues regarding your memory stick, just use a memory stick recovery tool...

Download Pen Drive Recovery Software by SoftOrbits

The version you get of this Flash Drive Recovery will depend on what you are looking for... The purchasable full version lets you save files on the actual disk, while the free trial version of Flash Drive Recovery lets you scan the disk and look through previews... Your download pen drive recovery software can retrieve files from a SONY Memory Stick, any brand of Compact Flash, and even obscure formats such as MMC and XD... You not only get a corrupted pen drive data recovery software but also recovery of data from your audio player or digital camera that is USB connected to your computer...

Photo recovery software download - SoftOrbits

The Flash Drive Recovery software you need... With so many kinds of devices like USB Flash Drives, SD, SDHC and SDXC cards and even the obsolete formats like xD and MMC supported by the software, it is definitely the one photos recovery software you would want to go for... Even if you have an audio player or a digital camera from which you want to recover your files directly, all you need is to connect it to the PC via a USB cord and you can easily get your files back... It's not just a photos Recovery Software, it can also recover other important documents and your MP3 files... When it comes to photos it is extremely useful with an option of previewing your files before restoring them and it works with jpeg and most other formats too With a range of supported operating systems including all Windows versions, it is basically all you need to get back your lost data...



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