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Sketch my photo software

Introduction Photographs enable us to preserve moments or memories forever... They can also vividly communicate emotion to the viewer... With the assistance of special software known as SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer, we can now turn our photos into artful sketches... It can help you to transform digital photos into beautiful works of pencil art...

Photo Denoise Software

Taking pictures is a fun but sometimes can be very frustrating... Take night photography, for example... You catch a great shot but alas, the light isn’t the greatest, since it’s hey, night, no light at all, so you take what you can and don’t spoil the picture with the flash... But what do you get in the end?.. A great shot by exposition, yes, but terribly noisy... What can you do?.. You can’t turn back time and get the same shot again, it won’t be the same... You can turn to photo editors, which work with image denoising algorithms and can save pictures that look like they’re beyond saving... Here’s one such editor, called SoftOrbits Easy Photo Denoise...

Download Image Shrinker Software By Softorbits

This is why it is smarter to utilize a photo-shrinking tool for photo compressions, shrinking or resizing... One recommended tool is the Batch Picture Resizer... It allows you to do more than just shrinking... It supports different file formats and it allows you to do minor editing of your images... When changing the size of an image, the initial response would be an image shrinker download... Having such tool capable of resizing your images can be of huge help, especially in instances where you have to compress your files for e-mails... In addition, an image shrink software can also be useful if you are fond of reducing the size of your photos for online use—blogging, web pages, facebook etc... If you want to shrink image size without practically losing its quality, it is recommended to find a software that is capable of employing high-quality interpolation algorithms...

Photo Correction Software

We all know there are almost no photos these days that don’t receive any kind of photo correction... Instagram posts, social networks profile pictures, they all need to be perfect, otherwise what’s the point of showing them at all?.. This is the reality nowadays, you have to edit to show it... Those who have great Photoshop skills needn’t worry, they can do it all quickly... But what about the rest of us?.. Those who don’t want to spend time and learn or just plain sick of using the overly expensive software?.. Fortunately, there are many solutions these days and one of them is Simple Photo Editor and we’ll show you why it’s simple and effective right now... Have a look at what we need to do if we have a photo that needs corrections... And all this without using clone tool in Photoshop and spending time on carefully adjusting it... All automatic!..

Old Photo Repair Software

Memories are precious... We often store them in photographs and each one of us has some kind of a family album or simply a number of photos we cherish most... Many of them are still in their primal form, printed... It’s true, due to the digital era, saving those memories has become increasingly easier... You can easily digitize those old pictures you have but how do you deal with the fact that they can already be if not torn apart but scratched or otherwise damaged?.. Plus, the old photos tend to get worse with time so the longer you wait to digitize them, the harder it is to preserve them in good state... How can you repair old photos?.. Sure, what’s advised to do, is to scan the photos and manually restore them, remove all the scratches and perform a photo touch up...



Photo Background Remover Software free download

Photo Background Remover Software free download No Jagged Edges... Automatic Background Removal... Manual Adjustments... Move Objects Around... Batch Operation... Optional Watermarking... Are you making a photo collage?.. With Photo Background Remover you can easily move objects between images... Thanks to the tool's smart masking technique, the objects you place will blend seamlessly with the new background with no jagged edges and no residual colors... Have a bunch of photos to process?.. Photo Background Remover is the only tool on the market to offer fully automated background removal for a bunch of pictures...

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Photo Encyption Software | Home page of SoftOrbits Photo Album

SoftOrbits Photo Album is a photo encyption software you can take on the go... It's perfect for loving couples or teens who want to keep their photos on the computer in secret... The application includes a built-in image viewer and slideshow capabilities... The photos are stored in a single executable file, which is protected by strong 256-bit encryption and password access... The file is portable... You can easily move it from one computer to another, or take it with you on one of those USB flash drives and carry protected photo albums in your pocket... load TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, PCX and many other image types;set an unique password for each photo album;portable album file can be written to flash drive, CD or DVD;view photos in the built-in image viewer with slideshow capability;import images with their EXIF information;move or copy images by drag-and-drop;photo encyption software uses strong 256-bit encryption;running on most operation systems, now admin rights necessary... Photo Encyption Software | Home page of SoftOrbits Photo Album Hide Intimate Photos from Prying Eyes... TOP-7 Reasons to Install SoftOrbits Photo Album... Hide Photos from Children... Hide Photos from Hackers...

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Watermark Photos with Batch Picture Protector. Digital Watermarking Software.

Transparent watermarks with fully customizable text and graphicsWatermarking photos using recursive file processingEasy-to-use and user-friendlyAutomatic watermark positioningWatermark images with an adjustable transparency settingWatermark text inclusive of macros (current date, time, file name, etc)Versatility allowing load/save of several watermarksCommand line support... Works with all major image formatsWindows Vista/7 compliant Watermark Photos with Batch Picture Protector... Digital Watermarking Software... By using the program, digital photos can be effectively protected from unauthorized use... This photo watermark software places permanent watermarks that cannot be removed... Batch Picture Protector is compatible with all major image formats... After you add watermark to photos, they can be saved as a new file either in the same format or an alternative format... This watermarking software is particularly useful to designers, artists and banner makers who send artwork proofs to customers for evaluation... Those who publish images on internet web galleries can also watermark and protect image copyright using this software...

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