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How to Edit Icons

In order to generate icons for different OS go to Image menu and select Image Size item... There you will see a list of sizes required for each operating system... Check the ones you need for Windows, Android and iOS, and the program will immediately generate all selected variations... You can edit or delete icons of unneeded sizes after they are generated... All of them are placed into different frames of your work sheet... Very often there is an icon file but its resolution or format doesn�t fit the target operating system...

How to Create a Watermark for Photos with Batch Picture Protector

You have spent so much time, energy and resources on creating your online photos, and what happens?.. Someone just log on to the internet, copies it and in a matter of seconds it's no more yours... If you don't want to fall victim to this kind of situation anymore the solution is to get knowledge about creating a watermark for photos... So what are photo watermarks?..

How to Create Line Drawing from Photo

Line drawings are everywhere... You might have already seen them many times before... They were already present even before the development of photography and halftones... You often see them see them in illustrations, magazines, and websites... The use of line art drawings for your photos can exude a unique feel towards realism or perhaps something similar to caricature and cartoons... It is an artistic and expressive way of showing your photos to other people... You can use almost with almost everything—online profile pictures, brochure, magazine mock-ups, and formal presentations... The edgy appeal of line drawings creates a unique distinguishable personality to photos... They are great in translating photos into your own conceptive imagination...

How To Create Watermark Logo - SoftOrbits

However, the query of how to create your own watermark logo lingers... The answer lies with the Batch Picture Protector... This software is user friendly and places a permanent watermark on the images protecting its copyright... In addition, the software is compatible with all major image formats which is a plus for clients... Most people are not amused over the thought of seeking professionals who place watermarks for a fee... The solution is here, Batch Picture Protector is easy to use since the user is provided for a step by step procedure ensuring that you successfully create your own watermark...

How to Create a Watermark Logo - SoftOrbits

Watermark usage is all about protecting your pictures... It can also be termed as an embedded picture or text on an original document on a site which indicates documents ownership, it can be a watermark logo or anything else like a text to signify who owns the pictures... Watermark software enhances security of your pictures to ensure your sight remains unique... You will be able to create a watermark logo, how to create a watermark and also get more information on how to go about creating a watermark... Logos and texts are the commonly used watermarks used to identify image's ownership... However, some software programs are specifically designed to be used for watermarking purposes... Creating watermark for your pictures...



SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download

SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download Create Icons for Windows, Android and iOS Applications... Comprehensive Icon Editing... Stunning Special Effects... Automatic Icon Generation... Animated Icons and Cursors... Convert Images to Icons... Automatic Icon Creation in Batch Mode... Import Icon Libraries from ICL, DLL and EXE... No two platforms are the same... Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and many other platforms use icons developed to their very own specifications... Did you know about 32-bit, 256x256 pixel icons in PNG format used throughout Windows 7 and 8?..

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Photo to Sketch Converter. Sketch Drawer - software to convert photo to sketch.

Photo to Sketch Converter... Sketch Drawer - software to convert photo to sketch... Photo to Sketch Converter... How to Turn a Photo into a Sketch?.. Unleash Your Creativity... Create Colorful Pencil Sketches in a Click of a Button... Batch Photo to Sketch Conversion... Create sketch avatars for your team... Want a number of photos converted into sketches with all the same options?.. Turn photos into sketches no matter how many you have!.. The available batch mode allows Photo to Sketch Converter to convert pictures to sketch easily even for beginners...

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Image to HTML Converter | SoftOrbits Html Web Gallery Creator

Free to tryReading and writing to JPEG and BMP files... Writing to... PNG files (for thumbnails) is supportedConvert your images to HTML easily... No need of using PHP / CGI / ASP / Java etc... High-quality resizingCreating multi-page galleries for faster loadingOrganization of your photos in project files, so gallery configuration aren't lost when you quit the programCreating thumbnails with the fadeout effect, combined with transparent... PNGs and your custom background can produce very nice resultsCreating thumbnails for the galleries with beautiful bmouse rollover effectsCreating a... ZIP file with all images from the gallerySupprots Exif metadata in images... It is preserved in the output images and used for some cool things like: * Determining image orientation * Determining image capture date, which could be used to put images in chronological order * Generating an Exif stats page, with image settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed and focal length Program is based on the Anrieff's Gallery Generator project (http://aggen... sourceforge... net) and licensed under the GPL terms... Do you have pictures that you would like to show to people all over the world and you just don't know how to put them on the internet and create a links to all of them?..

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