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Picture Enlarger by Softorbits

Photos taken using your digital camera and DSLR do not always appear the way you want to be... At times, they appear somewhat smaller compared to what you have imagined... Facing such problem, the response would be to enlarge them into bigger image... However, given that images are made up of pixels (little colored squares), the task could be even be more challenging without picture enlarger software... The problem is practically hard to solve unless the raw image is in high resolution... Most software—even the Photoshop—cannot enlarge an image with an accuracy beyond 250 percent enlargement... The tendency would normally reflect on the photo being blurry or pixilated... What is more is that you enlarge photos in multiple formats... The software is compatible with all major image formats from JPEG to BMP to those that lesser known such as CRW and CR2...


convert photo to canvas painting convert photo to oil painting convert color photo to oil painting convert photo to oil painting Convert Photo to Canvas Painting Walking one day through art gallery, what do you see around you?.. You see beautiful paintings that you’d love to see hanging on your walls but they’re not for sale and if they are, they’re too expensive to even think about... You can always buy a copy, of course, but how about another idea, you can convert photo to canvas paintings, print them and hang them on your walls!..

Enlarge Pictures without Losing Quality to Poster Size.

The steps are so fast and easy – first you will just have to open the image with Batch Picture Resizer software... Adjust the size of the image according to your desired dimensions, then start the processing... With just few clicks on your mouse, you can enlarge pics right away... Batch Picture Resizer also offers other services which you will surely find useful such as converting your photos to preferred image format and embedding watermarks and logos for copyright protection... Enlarging process can be done on a single photo or multiple of images at a time...

How to Convert Jpg to Png.

For starters, the initial versions of JPG can carry only relatively small file sizes... Despite this shortcoming, JPG is able to compensate by providing a maximum of 16... 7 million different colors that can be applied on any given image... Regardless of the number of colors chosen, the images are still able to come out as clear and crisp... This makes JPEG or JPG highly popular among many picture lovers... Even as JPEG remains a popular choice when it comes to images, several other file formats are fast coming into their own... One of these is PNG, an acronym for Portable Network Graphics, which carries a few features not readily available in many JPG versions...

How to Convert Jpg to Bmp.

HOW TO CONVERT JPG TO BMP?.. This image resizer tool can easily convert images formats as fast as it can adjust your images to desired dimensions... JPG is a compressed image format that works compatibly with almost any area, BMP format on the other hand is uncompressed but of higher quality than the JPG file... JPG is a compressed format, bearing it a smaller file size but the BMP format is laid out with a much detailed map of the image... Batch Picture Resizer is your best JPG to BMP converter that can work out easily with image conversion in the fastest time possible... Unlike any other image processing software, Batch Picture Resizer comes with friendly interface that features editing tools that are all easy to comprehend...



HEIC to JPG Converter - Windows Software

HEIC to JPG converter not only allows to convert ... heic photos from your iOS device to any popular format but also offers a simple, friendly user interface and delivers extremely fast image conversion... It can help you quickly finish batch image resizing for sharing, publishing or uploading to social networks... With HEIC to JPG converter you can easily convert ... heic or ... heif photos from your iPhone or iPad into any popular graphic format... High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC) will be used by default on new photos on iOS 11, and it's designed to save your storage space... As a new container format, there will be some incompatibilities along the way... HEIC format is still not supported by the most popular graphic editors and viewers... Apple does not do a good job of handling the situation... Convert HEIC to JPGConvert HEIC to PNGBatch ModeDrag & DropAdd text, logos and image watermarksConvert images between multiple formatsGUI and command line are availableLossless image rotation, flipping and mirroringChanges canvas sizeSupports RAW images (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, RAW, DNG, MNG, etc)Batch image renaming Prompt-free overwrite or saving into new filesAutomatic level adjustment and color optimizationSupports Windows 7, 8,10 Explorer menu integration HEIC to JPG Converter - Windows Software HEIC to JPG Сonverter...

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SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture Resizer supports all major image formats including JPEG, BMP, RAW, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, and a wealth of others... Employing high-quality interpolation algorithms, it can reduce or enlarge images with stunning quality... Speaking about quality, you can adjust levels and colors or convert pictures to grayscale... You can add text or image watermarks to copyright and protect your pictures...

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Best Jpeg Repair Software DownloadFiles.

Picture Doctor is a jpeg repair tool for damaged graphic files... It can recover corrupt JPG and Adobe Photoshop® PSD files... Program restores the corrupted graphic files and saves them into BMP format...

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