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How to Edit Icons

In order to generate icons for different OS go to Image menu and select Image Size item... There you will see a list of sizes required for each operating system... Check the ones you need for Windows, Android and iOS, and the program will immediately generate all selected variations... You can edit or delete icons of unneeded sizes after they are generated... All of them are placed into different frames of your work sheet... Using these tools you are free to edit icons in all possible ways...

Sketch Photo Editor by Softorbits

A unique feature that adds to the practicality of Sketch Drawer is its bulk editing tool... It takes a few tweeks to get a sketch to the right type of animation one would want... Because of all the features available in Sketch Drawer, one is able to create a wide variety of versions... The bulk editing tool allows the user to work on multiple photos at the same time, letting the user create the exact same look for all edited photos without having to go through the tedious and more often than not difficult task of duplicating an animation... Colored, high definition photos are beautiful decorative pieces...

Watermark Editor for Windows 7 by SoftOrbits

The program is capable of adding images one at a time or by batch... The following are the major image formats recognized by the tool: gif, jpg, png... Tif, ico, psd, tga, psd, wmf and pcx are also supported... After adding your images, you can then add your designed watermarks... You also have the option to delete and edit them... Just click the section "Watermarks... " You can add to your images text and/or graphic watermark and as many watermarks you like...


photo editor program photo editor programs photo edit program photo edit programs Awesome Photo Editor Program to Use Photo editing has gained fame and recognition among most of us today... The application of photo editor programs today has become so common that it is almost becoming a norm... The reason behind this is that photo editing has so many uses today thus gaining its importance in many aspects of our lives and fields of work...

Icon Converter Software free Download by SoftOrbits

Icon files may have different formats depending on the operating system and their purpose... For instance, in Windows icons have ICO format, in iOS and Android - PNG... There is a difference in icon size in pixels, as each operating system has its own requirements for various kinds of icons... Having an icon converter on hand, it is easy to switch between different formats without deep knowledge in image processing... SoftOrbits Icon Maker helps to convert icon for any OS from any source image, helping to define required sizes... With its help you can generate a batch of icons in all required sizes at once...



SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download

SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download Create Icons for Windows, Android and iOS Applications... Comprehensive Icon Editing... Stunning Special Effects... Automatic Icon Generation... Animated Icons and Cursors... Convert Images to Icons... Automatic Icon Creation in Batch Mode... Import Icon Libraries from ICL, DLL and EXE... No two platforms are the same... Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and many other platforms use icons developed to their very own specifications... Did you know about 32-bit, 256x256 pixel icons in PNG format used throughout Windows 7 and 8?..

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Simple Photo Editor free download

SoftOrbits Photo Editor is equipped with a fully featured toolbox of photo editing tools... With these easy tools, you can automatically fix small imperfections and correct the red eye effect, control brightness and contrast, adjust white balance, as well as frame, rotate, flip and frame pictures to achieve the best composition... How many times have you seen a blurred, overly compressed photo appear on your timeline?.. You can wave them goodbye with this simple photo editor!.. The tool can help you make your photo Web-ready by carefully choosing all the right resolution, sharpening and compression settings to produce files that look better on the Web than anything you've seen from your friends... Simple Photo Editor free download Remove Objects in a Click... Perfect Your Photos... The Perfect Photo Toolbox... Sharing and Publishing Made Easy... Manage Your Photo Collection...

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Watermark Remover - remove date stamp or watermark from photo

Watermark Remover - remove date stamp or watermark from photo Watermark Remover... See what you can do with Photo Stamp Remover... Top Reasons to Install Photo Stamp Remover... Remove unwanted artifacts from new photos... Rejuvenate old photos... Remove defects with a mouse click... Remove artifacts by color... Retouch more than one photo... No need to install large photo editors... Easy to get started - free trial... Photo Stamp Remover is primarily aimed at everyday, casual camera owners who just want to remove some imperfections from photos without having to buy a more feature-rich photo editing suite and mess around with its user manual to get started...

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