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How to Edit Icons

Using these tools you are free to edit icons in all possible ways... This multi-functional yet handy program makes the creative process easy even for non-professionals... You see each change on the screen and can revert any step... Under Edit button icon can be copied, deleted, reverted to the previous state, etc... In order to generate icons for different OS go to Image menu and select Image Size item... There you will see a list of sizes required for each operating system...


photo editing apps photo editing app photos editing apps apps for photo editing SoftOrbits Photo Editor- The Ideal Photo Editing App Trying to find a good and nice photo editing app can be very irritating... You can get on finding new photo editing apps but the work it does can only be defined as a shoddy job to the point that your photos come out worse than they actually were in the first place... Unlike some of those apps SoftOrbits Photo Editor makes your look so professional that you won’t believe it was an edited photo...

Sketch Photo Editor by Softorbits

A unique feature that adds to the practicality of Sketch Drawer is its bulk editing tool... It takes a few tweeks to get a sketch to the right type of animation one would want... Because of all the features available in Sketch Drawer, one is able to create a wide variety of versions... The bulk editing tool allows the user to work on multiple photos at the same time, letting the user create the exact same look for all edited photos without having to go through the tedious and more often than not difficult task of duplicating an animation... Colored, high definition photos are beautiful decorative pieces...

Watermark Editor for Windows 7 by SoftOrbits

The program is capable of adding images one at a time or by batch... The following are the major image formats recognized by the tool: gif, jpg, png... Tif, ico, psd, tga, psd, wmf and pcx are also supported... After adding your images, you can then add your designed watermarks... You also have the option to delete and edit them... Just click the section "Watermarks... " You can add to your images text and/or graphic watermark and as many watermarks you like...

App that turns photos into sketches - SoftOrbits

For individuals who are into graphic designing and photography, they know that photo editing can be very exhausting and taxing... A tremendous amount of time and effort must be spent for the photo editor to finally come up with a look that would bring out the best in a photograph... Photo editing is not easy: the most popular software being used today is a very complicated application that would scare off beginners with just one look... Because of this, photo editing has always been reserved to professionals who may ask for huge rates when asked to edit a certain photo...



SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download

SoftOrbits Icon Maker free download Create Icons for Windows, Android and iOS Applications... Comprehensive Icon Editing... Stunning Special Effects... Automatic Icon Generation... Animated Icons and Cursors... Convert Images to Icons... Automatic Icon Creation in Batch Mode... Import Icon Libraries from ICL, DLL and EXE... Create, modify and generate application icons with SoftOrbits Icon Maker!.. Offering everything you need to design, edit and convert small graphics, SoftOrbits Icon Maker is a must-have tool for any application developer... Even if you can't draw, the tool will help you produce great looking icons out of any picture, automatically applying effects to create icons with normal, highlighted, active and disabled look...

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Simple Photo Editor free download

How many times have you seen a blurred, overly compressed photo appear on your timeline?.. You can wave them goodbye with this simple photo editor!.. The tool can help you make your photo Web-ready by carefully choosing all the right resolution, sharpening and compression settings to produce files that look better on the Web than anything you've seen from your friends... SoftOrbits Photo Editor is equipped with a fully featured toolbox of photo editing tools... With these easy tools, you can automatically fix small imperfections and correct the red eye effect, control brightness and contrast, adjust white balance, as well as frame, rotate, flip and frame pictures to achieve the best composition... Simple Photo Editor free download Remove Objects in a Click... Perfect Your Photos... The Perfect Photo Toolbox... Sharing and Publishing Made Easy... Manage Your Photo Collection...

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Video Watermark Maker. Video Watermark Software Free Download.

Video Watermark Maker... Video Watermark Software Free Download... Protect Your Videos with a Digital Watermark... Watermark Protection and Branding for Your Videos Made Easy... Add Disappearing Watermarks... Brand Your YouTube Videos... Picture and Text Watermarks... Powerful Batch Processing... Fixed Size Watermarks Regardless of Resolution... You can add one or more watermarks, and have them displayed all the time throughout the video stream or only appear periodically... Automated watermark scaling makes your mark appear of the same size regardless of video resolution, while convenient batch processing allows applying the watermark to all your videos with just a few clicks...

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