Photo to Watercolor Software

Watercolor painting is one of the most beautiful art forms and it’s pretty simple for those who know how to draw. But of course, not everyone can and not everyone has to. If you want to add watercolor effects and turn photo to watercolor, you don’t need to actually draw it in watercolor to create a beautiful art piece. You need to get a program that will do it for you. In our age, programs are written to perform even the most sophisticated tasks and the results may surprise even the seasoned artists.

The effects that you can apply are Oil Painting, Watercolor and Impressionism. We’re particularly interested in Watercolor, so let’s see how we can turn photo to watercolor using Picture To Painting Converter:
Get the photos you want to transform uploaded into the program. It will be your first step.

Easy watercolor pictures

See the square in the middle? This is the preview; it will let you see what your picture will look like once transformed.

Easy watercolor pictures

Next, choose the preset to work with. Your choice will be one of the Watercolor presets. Choose the one that fits your photo best.

Easy watercolor pictures

And then simply run the transformation.

Easy watercolor pictures

You can apply this to all of your pictures and get a similar result. This way your pictures will be all in one style and look incredible!
Take a look at what you can accomplish for yourself, there’s never any harm in trying.

Picture to Painting Converter

Picture to Painting Converter is a software tool, aimed at transforming ordinary pictures into oil paintings in a couple of clicks, using automatic presets.