Painting Effect on Photo

Have you ever looked for a cool painting effect on photo but just couldn’t get the right one? Many of them are too standard and plastic and you certainly don’t want that look. As an alternative, there is Picture to Painting Converter which allows tweaking the effects to get the right one for your picture. You can choose the presets and make them your own.
Use Picture to Painting Converter to apply the painting effect on photo. This program can help you in your endeavors in a few simple steps.
1. Get the program, launch it and add files to it. This is pretty simple and intuitive.

Photo in painting effect

2. Go for an effect for the photo. Let’s select Impressionism, for example, it will give your photo a pretty stunning look. See the preview for reference.

Photo in painting effect

3. Press Run and see the beautiful result

Photo in painting effect

If you’d like to protect your picture afterwards, there’s a chance to add watermarks to it, they can be text or logo, pretty amazing stuff. You can let everybody know it’s your picture by simply selecting Watermarks on the menu and adding text or logo watermarks.

If you need to process multiple photos at once, Batch Mode is at your disposal.
Try the program and see all its cool features for yourself in action!

Picture to Painting Converter

Picture to Painting Converter is a software tool, aimed at transforming ordinary pictures into oil paintings in a couple of clicks, using automatic presets.