Using Oil Photo Editor Program

Looking to create a perfect painting from your photo should not be a daunting task with SoftOrbits Picture to Painting Converter. Capturing that digital image and transforming it into a painting can guarantee you a spot in a loved one's photo collection or a personal gallery collection with just a couple of clicks. This oil photo editor is amazing, and you can capture the details that only a seasoned artist would produce.

Oil photo effects

The tool has automatic presets that create various painting styles of Watercolor, and Oil with a remarkably high speed. The presets can be manually tweaked to transform the photos into a painting that replicates those hand-made by a famous artist.

Wonderful Presets

All you need to do is download your photo, select the required preset, click Run and wait while you watch the transformation. It's easy to make changes while at it and you can try different presets to achieve your best results. The oil photo effects use an algorithm that emulates brush strokes, which transforms your images into perfect masterpieces when you apply them on the uploaded image.
The presets to apply are not only for oil paintings but there are also styles of Impressionism and Water Colors. They help to transform a dull picture into an inspiration from a famous painter. Other useful tools of the oil photo editor are watermarking, rotation and cropping.

Oil effect photoshop

Converting Multiple Photos

Converting several pictures has never been easier with the Batch Mode conversion. This feature allows for multiple photos to be uploaded and then transformed with the specified effects. The tool will simultaneously convert the images, and by moving the sliders, you have the opportunity to experiment and choose the presets that make your images pop.
Photos of oil portraits are great collections when they are printed and you can display them or add them to your scrapbook. You will not need an artist or wait for your paintings for too long with this wonderful software.

Picture to Painting Converter

Picture to Painting Converter is a software tool, aimed at transforming ordinary pictures into oil paintings in a couple of clicks, using automatic presets.