Picture to Painting Converter: Turn Your Photos Into Art

Do you ever feel the need to make a photo into painting? There can be a couple of ways to accomplish this. Of course, you can hire a painter to create an exact replica of your picture in a form of a painting. But not every painter would paint exactly the way you like it. Also, artists can go a bit too expensive for the job. That's why you need to do it in a smarter way. How about having oil painting software to make a photo into a painting for you?

Oil painting program

Picture to Painting Converter lets you easily convert your photos into classic oil paintings. You're going to need no artists for that. The oil painting software can do the job just within a few clicks. And the result brings your picture as close as possible to resembling an amazing artwork.

Choose from different presets

Paintings can be of different types and so can be your needs. Picture to Painting Converter isn't just an oil painting software. It gives you three different presets for accurate painting results out of your photos. The presets included are the following.
1. Oil
2. Watercolor
3. Impressionism
All the preset options mentioned above have automatic configurations. However, you can also enhance them easily for more personalized results. All the parameters of these predefined presets can be improved for an amazing conversion of a photo into a painting.

Turn your photo into a painting within a few clicks

How does Picture to Painting Converter create such conversions? The painting software uses accurate algorithms which can work like the strokes of a painter's brush. It converts the straight lines in your photos into elegant oil painting strokes. That's how the software applies the paint effect to your pictures.

Digital oil painting software

With the Picture to Painting Converter, you can make a photo into painting within minutes. It's as easy as it gets. You just need to upload the picture, select the desired preset, and click the Run button. After that, just sit back and relax while the digital oil painting software turns your picture into a superb painting.

Picture to Painting Converter

Picture to Painting Converter is a software tool, aimed at transforming ordinary pictures into oil paintings in a couple of clicks, using automatic presets.