Fix Corrupted Images

Sometimes there’s nothing else to but to try to fix corrupted images. This problem can get to you at any time and oh gosh, how irritating it can be! Having to go over the address book, looking for a place to go ask to repair your beloved photos is nothing too great and certainly not the way you should be spending your precious time. Plus, the recovery agency you need may not be available in your town, hey, not everyone lives in big cities. So what’s the deal then? How do you fix corrupted images when you don’t even know where to turn for help? Actually, there’s a pretty good solution and it does not require you leaving the house. It’s a simple software tool that’s been designed to help every user, no matter how experienced they are, to fix corrupted images in a couple of clicks. Don’t let the simplicity deceive you, the program is actually quite powerful. Let us show you the correct way of using it (not that you can really make any mistakes, but still).

1. Gather your damaged media in one place, just for your convenience and upload all of the files to the program. This is easy, you won’t get stuck, we promise!

Fix corrupted pictures

2. The next most logical thing to do is to find a place to store the recovered photos in so that you could access it instantly after the recovery process is finished.

Fix corrupted pictures

3. The next thing and the last one to do on your part is to press a button to fix corrupted pictures. Yes, it’s that easy. You press Run and the program does the rest of the job for you! Neat and simple.

Fix corrupted pictures

So no more worries and no more fears for your photos. You can upload them all and get them recovered in a matter of seconds. But remember that sometimes the damage is too grave and you should use the trial mode before purchasing. If the trial works fine, chances are it will work well for the rest of your photos too and fix corrupted pictures. Good luck to you!

Picture Doctor

Your digital photos are damaged?
Picture Doctor will help you to restore corrupted and truncated Jpeg and Psd files!