Turn a picture into a drawing
Turn a photo into a drawing

Photo to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your digital photos into works of art!

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Nowadays, we barely see sketches arts or images illustrated in line drawing. Most seen now are the photos taken from our digital devices. It is just ordinary now to see an expression of arts through photography – almost everyone has their own camera, even their mobile phones have the HD cam to capture quality photos.

But now here’s a new way to make your photos more outstanding than the rest. With the help of Sketche Drawer, you can turn a picture into a sketch and that’s something that has a say with the works of art! Not everyone can lay an accurate stroke of pencil to create a wonderful sketch. You must need to become an artist first before you can have a full mastery over the pencil but not with Sketch Drawer. All you just have to do is make a few hits on the computer keys with a bit of tweaks on the presets and there you go with your very own perfect masterpiece!

Sketches got some special appeal on it because not all people can easily create a seamless drawing. The effect comes with vintage attractiveness, wherein the lines and strokes are more detailed and sharp. Thus, sketches are still considered more artistic because way back to the earlier times no digital means were used but such works of arts were purely hand-made.

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Today with the aid of digital, you can easily turn photo into drawing as if a great artist has drawn it with his own gifted hands.

How to turn photo into line drawing?

It’s all so easy! You can wake up the artist within you and create a magnificent illustration of arts. All that you need is a computer equipped with Sketches Drawer software and a collection of photos that you want to convert into sketches.
Open the file with the Sketches Drawer application and make some tweaks on the presets until you come up with your desirable output. Don’t forget to save your file in JPEG or in other file format you preferred.
Sketches Drawer comes with multiple presets that you can choose from. In just couple of minutes you can easily convert your digital photos to pencil sketches either in black and white or color drawing effect. With the numerous of art options you have, any presets you decided for your image will always give you an awesome output. So fun and simple, no more complicated tools to get used to, but with just clicks and tweaks you will have your perfect sketches within the shortest time that you can think of!

Sketch Drawer

Sketch DrawerPhoto to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your digital photos into works of art!

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