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If you need to create sketches out of digital images, you are most likely in search of a high-quality photo to pencil sketch converter. Google search will overwhelm you with the number of sketch converters, both, free and paid, online and desktop. Not to get lost in this wide selection of tools, we suggest you consider trust-worthy converters first.
Sketch Drawer is a market leading sketch converter designed by SoftOrbits, a software development company with deep expertise in development of photo editing and conversion tools.

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This program allows to convert digital images - individually or in batch - into pencil sketches, B&W and color. You can select different textures, and play with other settings as if you were an artist. With SoftOrbit's image to sketch converter, you will manage to process lots of photographs in a matter of minutes.

Let us explain you what is so special about Sketch Drawer that makes it stand out from other sketch converters.

Advantages of Sketch Drawer

There are dozens of pencil sketch converters online, so why should you choose Sketch Drawer by SoftOrbits?
There are several reasons to do so.

pencil sketch converter

  1. Sketch Drawer is easy to use. The tool has intuitive interface6 which makes it ideal for all groups of users.
  2. Sketch Drawer is functional. Even though the tool seems to be very simple at first sight, in fact it allows you to perform lots of actions. You can create all kinds of skecthes, from B&W to color, using different textures.
  3. Sketch Drawer is transparent. You do not have to pay for something you've never used. Download photo to sketch converter software by SoftOrbits first, use it for free during the trial period and pay for the full version if you like it.
Still not sure of whether Sketch Drawer is right for you? Read what others are saying about it and try it! Download this photo converter, convert photo to sketch yourself and see how fun it is!

Sketch Drawer

Photo to Sketch Converter allows you to create beautiful pencil drawings based on digital photos.
Turn your digital photos into works of art!

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