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Have you ever been a victim of a photobomb? It’s common when you’re trying to take a nice picture and suddenly someone pops up in the background and makes it terrible instead of nice. It’s one of those times you’ll need a photo background editor to cover the effects of a misplaced object on your background, such as this one, for example:

Photo editing background  - SoftOrbits Screenshots

You can get rid of the girl in the back and of the background altogether:

And you can add a nice background instead:

Edit photo background  - SoftOrbits Screenshots

Here’s what you need to do to edit photo background.
1. Add your photos to the program’s interface. It’s easy enough and you only need to click on “Add Files” and then select the photos

Photo editing background  - SoftOrbits Screenshots

2. Select the background that you need to get rid of. You don’t need to make a perfect selection, it can be schematic.

Photo editing background  - SoftOrbits Screenshots

3. Select the foreground with green.

Photo editing background  - SoftOrbits Screenshots

4. Remove the background and then add Background using Add Background button and select the photo to use instead of the deleted pixels.

Photo editing background  - SoftOrbits Screenshots

Once you edit the background and replace it, your picture will look clean and as you wanted it to look. Or, you can get a little crazy and add a funny background, for example, to create a cool collage for your friends to enjoy.

Photo Background Remover

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