How to repair old photos

Memories are precious. We often store them in photographs and each one of us has some kind of a family album or simply a number of photos we cherish most. Many of them are still in their primal form, printed. It’s true, due to the digital era, saving those memories has become increasingly easier. You can easily digitize those old pictures you have but how do you deal with the fact that they can already be if not torn apart but scratched or otherwise damaged? Plus, the old photos tend to get worse with time so the longer you wait to digitize them, the harder it is to preserve them in good state. How can you repair old photos? Sure, what’s advised to do, is to scan the photos and manually restore them, remove all the scratches and perform a photo touch up.

Let’s assume you already have a scanned picture and now need to restore it. Then proceed with the following steps:

1. Install and launch the program

2. Add your images with Add Files(s).

Old Photo Repair Software - Step 1

3. Remove Scratches

If your old photo is scratched, use the Scratch Remover to remove scratches. Select the scratches size and find them automatically with Find Scratches. Tweak the findings using the Selection tool and then remove scratches.
Old Photo Repair Software - Step 2

4. Auto-correct the picture, if needed

Old Photo Repair Software - Step 3

5. Click the Save as button.

Old Photo Repair Software - Step 4

Once your old photos are repaired, you’ll be amazed how good they look. You can now print them again and get cool photo memories to show to your kids, friends and anyone else.

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