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Make Great Application Icons with SoftOrbits Icon Maker! Offering everything you need to design, edit and convert small graphics, SoftOrbits Icon Maker is a must-have tool for any application developer.

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What Is the Best Icon Maker Software?

There are a few features that help to define what icon maker is the best. First of all, it should be powerful enough to generate icons of any format and any size you need. Also the worthy icon maker software should not limit your abilities by complicated user interface or unclear options. Everything should be easy to use for non-professionals. Although there should be enough graphic options for implementing complex or non-standard design ideas.

Icon Builder Software

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A program for generating icons that combines these features is Icon Maker from SoftOrbits. This is the best icon maker software tool for creating and adapting icons for numerous operating systems. Each OS supports its own formats and icon sizes, and with this program you don't need to scratch head over which one to choose - all formats are grouped by the operating system. You can simply create a Windows icon, Android or an iOS icon.

How to Use Icon Builder Software

This is how to make an icon file automatically:

Step 1

Icon maker software free download - SoftOrbits Screenshots

Open your original image in the program.

Step 2

Go to Image menu and select 'Image Size' item.

Step 3

Best icon maker software - SoftOrbits Screenshots

Check the size you need (there is a list of available sizes in pixels).

Step 4

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Press OK and save the file in ICO format.
If there is no required size in the offered list, setup a custom resolution in 'New Size' option. The program can make ICO file saving original aspect ratio and stretching the image to a new size. You can also use options for creating Windows, iOS or Android icon located in Image menu. This is how to make icon file for specific operating system.

When saving an icon, make sure that 'ICO' file type is selected. Besides single ICO file creation, this icon maker allows to make multiple icons at once.
There are more than 20 special effects for blurring, brightening, distorting, shading the initial image. Full freedom in image transformation and optimization is provided in this comprehensive icon editor.

This icon maker software allows to:

Create Windows icons

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Create iOS icons.

SoftOrbits SoftOrbits Icon Maker - Screenshots

Create Android icons

SoftOrbits SoftOrbits Icon Maker - Screenshots

Other Features

- Create an icon from existing image of any format.
- Draw a freehand icon.
- Convert an icon to required size and format automatically.
- Generate icons in batch.
- Edit icon image using various drawing tools and graphic effects.
- Create disabled icon automatically.
The trial version of SoftOrbits Icon Maker gives ability to test all these options in full. You can get this icon maker software free download and use it for unlimited term. The only limitation is the number of files, batch mode is available under the license.

How to make an icon file from image?

Using professional graphic editors for creating icons is difficult for a non-professional designer. SoftOrbits Icon Maker will help to make ICO file easily, providing the professional pack of features in intelligible and handy user interface.
Very often an icon needs to be created from an image file in some common format like JPEG or PNG. Instead of manual copy-pasting the image to a rectangular graphic sheet, editing its aspect ratio, cutting unneeded margins, let Icon Maker do it for you.

How to generate icon files in batch mode

- Go to Batch Mode and put all original images into the form.
- Select desired sizes and press Start button.
The generated files will have selected sizes. The trial version of Icon Maker works only in single icon mode.

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Icon Maker Software FAQ

Creating icons is a long-time process because each icon requires multiple size variations. In different sizes (16x16, 100x100, 256x256 px and others) the same image may look different and require additional adjustments for tuning sharpness, brightness, etc. If you use an automated batch icon builder, all these settings will be done with minimum of manual efforts. SoftOrbits Icon Maker generates a variety of sizes for the same icon. It works with all popular icon formats, allows preparing icons for various operating systems.
Here user is able either to generate an icon from some ready-made picture or draw a freehand icon. Compared with other icon building systems the solution from SoftOrbits has an undeniable advantage: it is capable of generating icons from a batch of source images at once.
Icon Maker Software allows you to generate all required icons for your app. Making settings once you will get a full pack of icons for various apps. This helps in building icons by a uniform standard of sizing, color settings and graphic filters.

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SoftOrbits Icon Maker

SoftOrbits Icon MakerMake Great Application Icons with SoftOrbits Icon Maker! Offering everything you need to design, edit and convert small graphics, SoftOrbits Icon Maker is a must-have tool for any application developer.

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