Produce Icons Quickly with an Icon Generator from SoftOrbits

Producing multiple icons is a time-consuming task, especially for people who do not deal professionally with graphic design. However it becomes much quicker with a special software tool called icon generator. With its help user is able to export a common image into an icon file, generating it in multiple sizes. And it becomes even easier, if the program prompts user what size and format is supported by specific operating system. Such icons generator is SoftOrbits Icon Maker.

It works as a simple but powerful graphic editor for tiny images - desktop icons, task bar icons, cursors, etc. For now the program offers generating icon files for three operating systems:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android

You can generate icons for a single operating system or for a few at once. Thanks to batch mode no matter how many icon variations you create at once. This icon generator can process any number of images, and you can edit any one by applying color effects, transforming the initial image according you your idea and adding new elements to the icon design. There is a favorites icon generator that creates icons for task bar. They are smaller than standard desktop ones. Moreover, their size differs depending on the operating system. Icon Maker has preset list of available sizes sorted by OS.

The process of generating an icon consists of a few step. First you need to upload original image or draw it inside the program, then choose sizes and format and enable generation. The program processes the batch of files as quickly as one.