SoftOrbits Icon Converter For Various OS

Icon files may have different formats depending on the operating system and their purpose. For instance, in Windows icons have ICO format, in iOS and Android - PNG. There is a difference in icon size in pixels, as each operating system has its own requirements for various kinds of icons. Having an icon converter on hand, it is easy to switch between different formats without deep knowledge in image processing.

SoftOrbits Icon Maker helps to convert icon for any OS from any source image, helping to define required sizes. With its help you can generate a batch of icons in all required sizes at once. You will be able to produce a pack of icons for desktop, Start menu, taskbar, etc. You can take any image in order to convert to icon - SoftOrbits Icon Maker accepts all major graphic format and automatically adjusts the image for the selected sizes.

There is a batch mode option that serves for multiple icon convert. Take many original images and transform them to icon size of a specific format. Besides static ICO or PNG the program allows creating animated icons in GIF or ANI formats, as well as video icons in AVI. Aside from converter Icon Maker functions as a graphic editor, and you can draw the icon from scratch using different graphic tools.

This all-in-one icon helper makes it much easier to manage and adjust icons for applications, files and folders. The trial version of this icon converter features almost full pack of features for free testing.