4 Steps How to Make an Icon

When you need to create an icon for your app or some file/folder, use SoftOrbits Icon Maker. This program works for any resolution and image format and doesn�t require specific skills in work with graphics. Here is how to make an icon by drawing it manually:

  • Launch Icon Maker on your PC
  • In the start dialogue choose 'Create a new icon' option
  • Select required format to make icon specifically for your operating system
  • Check necessary image format and color palette and press OK
  • Draw your icon and save the file

Icon Maker allows creating static or animated icons. For the animated one you need to draw all frames in one project and save them to GIF or ANI format. There is a simple way how to make icons in batch: the program has a batch mode for generating icons from numerous images in preset size and format. Just insert all source images and choose required formatting. In order to make icons in batch, go to Batch Mode > Create Batch Icons in the main menu of the program. This way you can also generate icons from one file in many resolutions (for all supported operating systems and devices).

With this Icon Maker it is easy both to draw a freehand icon and make an icon from existing graphic file. The program supports a lot of graphic formats that gives ability to generate icons without pre-conversion. The program allows to existing image into a program that will cut it to the size you choose. A plenty of graphic effects is on hand, as well as drawing tools. This is the simplest way of how to make an icon following the general concept of some app design (based on the app logo or other ready-made elements).