Create Icon File with a Matter of Seconds

An icon is a tiny image that requires delicate processing due to its small size. In finished variant it should look attractive and clearly display the brand identity, if it is an icon for application. SoftOrbits Icon Maker helps to create icon file like this in minimum time. It offers a few methods for doing this.

Even professional designers need some quick tool to generate an icon of required size and format from existing image. Icon Maker from SoftOrbits supports all major icon file types and prompts what size is needed for specific operating system. This is an advantage for newbies too. When you begin to create an icon file the program will ask what type of icon you need. The list of available variations helps not to get lost and define correct properties.

The toolbox contains very informative tool icons that show exactly what this or that tool will do. Even if a user hasn�t faced with graphic editors before, it would be easy to discern the required tool. This is how to create an icon file from scratch:

  • Start with a blank sheet of desired square size
  • Draw the image using pencil, brushes, shapes, etc.
  • Apply desired color effects
  • Press Save.

To simplify the job, you can create icon file from an existing image. This can be an app logo, some photo or any other graphics. Set size, formatting, effects and save it in proper format. To save time on multiple icons the program offers to create icon files in batch. To do this, you need to put all sources and setup sizes for the entire batch. Simple and effective!