How to Convert Picture to Icon

An icon is a visual representation of application, file or folder. If you need the one, the easiest way to create it is to convert picture to icon file. This is because there is no need to cut the image to required size, choose styling or draw a logo by hand. Just take the ready-made image and let Icon Maker to adjust it for your needs. This program is developed for easy icon management and allows doing the following:

  • Create icon image for Windows, Android or iOS
  • Convert pictures to icons of ICO, PNG, GIF, ANI or AVI format
  • Improve the quality of existing icons by applying various graphic effects
  • Change the size of existing icon to fit specific OS
  • Generate a batch of icons from multiple source images

After launching the Icon Maker you will see a start menu offering a few options for creating Windows, iOS, Android icon from image, creating cursor from image or batch icons creating. The last one allows to convert many images at once. After choosing the option you need, you will be able to edit the original image, resize it and choose the target format. When you convert picture to icon for specific operating system, the program automatically defines required format, and you only need to check all sizes you want to generate. Please note that besides the sizing you can choose color depth from 4 to 32 bit.

You can check the features of SoftOrbits Icon Maker before the purchase. In order to try this picture to icon converter free download is available, and trial license is not limited in time of use.