Batch Picture Resizer
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Main Window
The Main Window


To resize images


Want to resize pictures images and photos?
1. Click the Add file(s) button to select the image file(s) you want to resize. 

3. Fill in the new width or new height of the resized images. 

4. Select the output format and destination folder

5. Click Start button.

Image list

Here you can add images by either file or folder, remove the selected image, or clear the whole image list. 

1. Click Add image(s) button to add image files to the list. 

2. Click Add folder button to add a folder, and all image files in the selected folder will be added to the above Image List. 

3. You can remove the selected file from the Image List by clicking Remove selected

4. You can clear all the seclected files by clicking Remove All.

Image sizes

Margin original aspect ratio: If you check this option, when setting up the width of the resized image(s), the software will define the height automatically. The same as you setup the height. 

Interpolation: select resizing algorithm. Speed and quality of resizing depend on the selected interpolation method.

Rename Files

Use this controls to add prefix of suffix to the output files. Also you can convert file names to the lowercase or uppercase.

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