Batch Picture Protector
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Main Window

The Main Window

To resize images


1. Click the Add file(s) button to select the image file(s) you want to protect. 

2. Load or create watermarks using buttons at the right panel (see Adding Watermarks). 

3. Select the output format and destination folder

4. Click Start button.

Image list

Here you can add images by either file or folder, remove the selected image, or clear the whole image list. 

1. Click Add image(s) button to add image files to the list. 

2. Click Add folder button to add a folder, and all image files in the selected folder will be added to the above Image List. 

3. You can remove the selected file from the Image List by clicking Remove selected

4. You can clear all the selected files by clicking Remove All.

Image Preview

Image preview displays the one of the files from image list and all enabled watermarks. You can use mouse to change position of the watermark. 


Right panel

Use the left panel to create, delete, edit, save and load text and image watermarks. 

Panel contains list of all available watermarks. Use check box near the watermark to enable or disable it. 

Use Save As button to save all created watermarks to the file. Using Load button you can restore watermarks you saved before or load examples which are included into the program installation package.

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