How to Remove a Person from Photo

Remove Person from Photo Imagine that photo you really like was spoilt by a person in the background� Or that you want to remove your ex from a series of photos...

Now this problem can be easily solved without the use of Photoshop, a great tool for photo editing that requires special technical knowledge.

But there is another software designed to remove people and other unwanted object from your photos. There is a Photo Stamp Remover.

With Photo Stamp Remover 8.3 by SoftOrbits you can easily remove person from photo even if you are a beginning computer user! Now there is absolutely no need in advanced photo editing computer skills!

All you need to do is:

Remove Person from Photo Remove Person from Photo start Select the unwanted person in the photo with the help of the "Marker" tool in Photo Stamp Remover

Remove Person from Photo start Remove Person from Photo
Press the "Remove" button in Photo Stamp Remover

Remove Person from Photo startWait until Photo Stamp Remover fills in the picture with the background that naturally blends with the rest of the image

The whole process takes no longer that 1 minute. You can use the tool to not only remove person from photo, but also to delete unwanted objects, signs, and watermarks from the photos.

Remove Person from Photo remove man from photo

Click here to download a fully functional trial version of Photo Stamp Remover 8.3 and use it for free before make the final decision!